How Dewey Experience?

John Dewey breaks down the process of experience very well in his writings on experience. Much of the reading didn’t so much have me learning new things like the other readings have but it more made me realize things. A lot of what he says in this is stuff I feel like I had known prior but never paid much mind to.

He starts off the essay by saying “Experience occurs continuously” which should be obvious but I just never thought about. Before reading this, the only parts of my life that I would have considered to be “experiences” were only the noteworthy experiences that I have had and would not have realized that I am still in the process of experiencing life in between those events.

One passage I especially liked in particular is on the beginning of page 9 when he discusses the common patterns in experience… “There are, therefore, common patterns in various experiences, no matter how unlike they are to one another in the details of their subject matter” I did have some trouble understanding his statement, because I wasn’t sure whether he meant the same person having various experiences or various people having the same experience. But I found both situations interesting to examine.

If it is the case of the single person having many experiences then I interpret as him saying that they will have the same type of experiences throughout their life, such as a tragic event that makes them learn to be more appreciative of what they have, a great accomplishment that makes them proud of what they have done, etc. They will have each of those kinds of experiences multiple times in their life, no matter how different the specific content of the experience is.

If it is the other case, of many people sharing the same experience, then I would say he is trying to point out the interconnectedness that people have with each other. Everyone is having the same kinds of experiences, all dealing with losses or triumphs of some sorts that make them view life a different way. In either of the cases, no matter which one of these he is meaning to say, I think he is making a very interesting point in his writing.

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